Monday, 6 February 2012

My li'l Red Dwarf home recordings.

Well. G&T posted this about the original 1988 Red Dwarf listings.

While I've no Red Dwarf stuff from the first series myself, I've been having a look at my old VHS home recordings. I've lost a fair amount of stuff in the last few years, which I've had a good moan about elsewhere, but here are some photos of the video sleeves I designed for my recordings, and some of the Radio Times clippings and listings from the later series and repeat showings.

RD01 The VHS Collection
My assorted home recordings of Red Dwarf, and my *ahem* wonderful sleeves.

This is the first series I actually recorded. That pencil and Red biro thing I've got going on there...nice stuff. And my 'J's that look like 'Y's. Obviously from the 1994 repeat showing.

Recorded from the original showing. I've foregone actual drawing here, and stuck a photo on the front, from the Radio Times. I've done the logo, though, and I've done the RDVII logo as it appeared onscreen. Worth noting that I recorded the other series' as well, and probably taped series VI on it's first broadcast. I've just lost a lot of videos.

RD04 Red Dwarf Night
The lovely sleeve I made for my recording of Red Dwarf Night in 1998. Note the sellotaped-on tenth anniversary logos on the back, which have been cut out of the Radio Times.

Not sure when I recorded this - definitely after the official VHS tapes had been released, as the BBC made a point of the fact that series I had never been repeated, only to immediately repeat it once the die-hards had been and bought the tapes. My sleeve was left only half completed, with no contents list. I saw that a satellite station was showing a complete run one night in the tenth anniversary week, and just cut out the listing and stuck it in the back of the case. I'm very pleased with the drawing I've done on the front, though, which is obviously copied from a Smegazine.

Again, more photos, but I've used a nice font for the writing. It's amazing what you can do with a black biro.

RD07 Spine Inserts
I probably did this when the DVDs started coming out. I got a eight-VHS-spine-sized piece of paper, did a Red Dwarf logo in the middle, then cut it into eight, added 'I' to 'VIII' at the bottom of each, and slipped them into the spines of my eight tapes. It looked pretty good, I thought.

The RT cuttings for each episode of series VII. I'd cut out the programme info/cast lists and photos where applicable, and sellotaped them to the inside of the box. I always used to do this for everything I recorded - Red Dwarf, Vic and Bob, The Fast Show...allsorts. Actually, I had loads of cuttings for series VII - there was a Radio Times cover for the series (likewise Red Dwarf Night), and a big article in, I think, Cult Times or Starburst, something like that. I cut it out and actually went to the trouble of binding it with sellotape and a red ribbon. Needless to say, it's now lost, along with my bag of drawings and assorted RD crap.

More series VII programme info.

The first half of the series VIII show synopses...

...And the second lot.

RD12 RDNight Cuttings
Red Dwarf Night was the Radio Times choice of the day, so there's a preview cut out of the magazine, and the listing for the 'Night' itself (You'll just have to turn your head).

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