Monday, 2 January 2012


So then. 2012. Happy New Year, and all that.

So what does the year ahead hold? Well, a total of 366 days, for a start, it being a leap year, and all. All those born on February 29th can legitimately celebrate their birthdays. Huzzah.

Personally, I've got a few family birthdays coming up. My Mum turns 60 in a couple of days, my little sister enters her twenties in four weeks, and my youngest brother has his birthday on Valentine's Day. Ah, bless. Oh, and it's my own birthday on January 19th. Make a note. I'm gonna be 33. Thirty fucking Three. How the hell did that happen?

I shall be celebrating my birthday by venturing down to Shepperton the day after, ready for the recording of the fifth episode of Red Dwarf X. Oh yes, I'm very excited.

Later in the year, we'll get new episodes of Doctor Who, plus the broadcast of that there Red Dwarf X on Dave in September. Bring it on. And we've already had the rather wonderful first episode of series 2 of Sherlock.

So, provided the world doesn't end, 2012 looks like being a good year.

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