Thursday, 10 November 2011

Did I really used to live like this?

I've been looking for stuff that's scattered through the information super highway that's got my name attached in some way.
At various points, though I'm no tech-head (as proven by my use of the term 'tech-head'), I've been online in various guises, set up websites, blogs etc, written and drawn stuff (mostly involving Red Dwarf or Doctor Who) and then forgotten all about them, and the web addresses have been lost and everything's been lost/ignored/scrapped etc.

I was looking for them as I wanted to somehow archive them here. I even found an old Ganymede & Titan article where Ian thanks me a couple of times, but here's an old 'home' website of mine. Nothing too grand, but there's a nice page of links there, most of which are worth a look (such as the "Doctor Who?" site from 'Rose'), some of them even still work.

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