Saturday, 27 March 2010

Video Explorer

Further to this evening's preview of The Eleventh Hour, the BBC Doctor Who website now has the 'Video Explorer'. This not only includes the 42 seconds released tonight, but some Behind The Scenes features, more of which are to be released through the week.

Already featured are a short interview with Steven Moffat, a Pre-Visual (ie storyboards) featurette, plus 'Aerial Operator', which follows a camera crew in a helicopter as they film the footage for the sequence. And then, of course, you can watch the First Scene from The Eleventh Hour.

Also appearing in the next few days will be eight further featurettes - one each day on the 29th March, 30th March, Ist April and 2nd April, with another four popping up next Saturday, the third.

Find the Video Explorer here.

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